5 October: Keeping in Touch

As the election polls are now open and some of you will still be considering the choices you will make on your voting papers, I just wanted to add some of my own thoughts to this blog about the campaign and the experiences I have had up to this point.
As a candidate and someone who is deeply committed to a sustainable and collaborative future for the whole island-wide electorate, I have devoted hours of time and work to get in touch and keep in touch with as many of you as possible by whatever means seemed necessary or useful.
This experience has stood me in good stead for the role as People’s Deputy. I am aware of the work and dedication that it is going to take to do the right thing for our community and our collective future. There are going to be hours of reading, listening and understanding necessary to engage fully with the topics the States will need to consider. I am ready for that.
I have done this type of work before, I have also approached this campaign in the same way – with ability, hard work and a desire to represent what our community has shared with me.
There may be time for another quick message before voting closes, but if not, I want to thank you – each of you who has engaged with my manifesto and with my pledges,  asked questions and shared ideas or even concerns. I hope to succeed in representing you! 
Please do still get in touch if you have any last minute thoughts or need any more information that I can provide.