3 October: Economic opportunities and our marine environment

Today, during a few very wet and windy days of weather in Guernsey, in particular on the west coast, I would like to explain more about my current thoughts on the economic potential in our relationship with the marine environment around all our islands. 

I refer to this in my manifesto as the ‘Blue Economy’ along similar lines to the ‘Green Economy’ in that there are potential revenue streams and environmental benefits that can arise from fully assessed and suitably managed marine initiatives. Of course, I appreciate that our marine environment also needs protecting from exploitation and a balance will have to be found to ensure important habitats and species are given the space they need to flourish.

My hope is that as part of the aim of reducing the Island’s carbon footprint, we will be able to investigate realistic and acceptable offshore renewable energy options. The timing and developments in technology should enable us to supplement our existing energy supplies with clean and sustainable options that have low or no environmental impact.

These initiatives will rely on investment and suitable partner organisations that will understand our Island and our community, work in harmony with our local environmental charities and current energy providers, and offer revenue opportunities that will stay on-island for years to come.

Alongside our sporting and recreational uses of the sea, I also endorse our local aquaculture industries and I would want to ensure that these businesses have the right support and opportunities to sell their stock widely and as efficiently as possible.

Overall this work and research comes under my manifesto pledge to you that I will  ‘support and grow all aspects of our economy’.

As always, if you have questions, ideas or suggestions it would be great to hear from you. I would be pleased to provide you with more detail to help inform your choice to vote for me! Call me on 07781 144718 or email dai@cwgsy.net.