28 September: Guernsey and Brexit

Another topic of conversation that will become more important to Guernsey and our economy is Brexit. Even though this isn’t specifically mentioned in my manifesto, because of its relevance to businesses locally and our community’s future opportunities I have a few thoughts that I would like to share with you here.

I am of the view that Guernsey could experience some significant benefits as a result of Brexit providing we are able to continue our positive relations with all parties – UK and EU – at the same time as maintaining our unique identity and existing strengths. Achieving this is going to take a great deal of knowledge, expertise and commitment.

The work that has been done by the States to date has been explained and information has been shared with the community. It seems the UK’s position and actions are still developing during the transition period this year, even though the expectation is that on 31 December 2020, when that transition ends, the UK will no longer experience the rights and obligations of an EU Member State.

I am supportive of the extensive work that has been done to date to represent Guernsey while the UK departure from the EU is being finalised. I am also of the view that Guernsey’s current identity, independence and the island’s needs must be respected alongside the historic ties we have with the Queen as a Crown Dependency.

As part of this process, whatever the final “deal” or “no deal” position is for the UK, I share the view that we must be dedicated and successful in expressing the need for any future agreement or protocol to practically take into consideration our community, our size and also the nature of our society and its economy.