25 September: Manifestos

As we get closer to the General Election there will be an increasing number of manifestos arriving at homes every day. I have heard of lots of different ways that people are going about making the choice of who they want to vote for – some using technology, others with their own instinct and knowledge.

I would like to tell you a bit more about some of the key points in my manifesto. Community, economy and a sustainable future are high on my list of priorities. I am of the view that if we work hard and work as a community on the things that will help our island recover from Covid-19 we will have strong connections and good foundations for the next term of our politics.

The way we approach care of older adults and the costs associated with that could offer important opportunities for our finances. The Long-Term Care Fund has been under pressure for many years. It has now been recognised that it could run out by 2047 or sooner.

The recent States decision to reject plans for homeowners with over £350,000 worth of assets to fund the first £35,000 of their care was a clear indication that we need to do more to find effective alternatives to care funding. Those alternatives must be fair across our whole community and should not place the burden on those who have worked hard to own their own homes. A clear solution for how we reduce the costs of caring for our older adults, using the Supported Living & Ageing Well Strategy and offering new ways for islanders to choose their own care will offer opportunities.

I have also been asked about euthanasia and abortion in terms of rights of the vulnerable. The question here for me is more about who is vulnerable in each case – not every set of circumstances will easily fit into a one-size fits all approach. It will be necessary to ensure that the right choices and assistance are available, so that individuals who find themselves faced with challenges and difficult decisions will have the advice and support they need to make decisions that are well informed and suited to their own individual circumstances.

In addition to protecting our environment, the economy and business recovery will need to be a focus in the next political term. The recovery after Covid-19, trade and business opportunities during the Brexit transition and helping existing and developing businesses in Guernsey must all be encouraged in every possible way. I believe in representing and including minority groups and the less well-off so that there can be opportunities for everyone to improve their circumstances in sustainable ways. This will also make a positive contribution to our community and our economy.

Over many years in Guernsey I have used my strength of character and ability to support and also represent groups who otherwise could easily go unheard. I intend to keep doing that by listening, understanding and being the voice of the community with respect for the States’ democratic process.

If you would like more information about my manifesto, or have any questions, I would be pleased to hear from you. Please call me on 07781 144718 or email dai@cwgsy.net providing your contact details so that I can get in touch.