29 August: Guernsey Partnership of Independents

On my journey to the General Election 2020 I had the opportunity to be one of the sixteen members of the party called Guernsey Partnership of Independents.

These are very early days for a new system of island-wide voting. My decision to join a party, and this party in particular, is far more than a tactic to increase the number of votes received.

The Guernsey Partnership brings together individuals who have basic values in common and who have the best intentions for Guernsey as a whole community. The party has agreed to “Move forward together” and has stated this as the shared intention. I strongly believe in the need to work together and take decisions that, soon after, result in definite action that moves Guernsey forward.

I will represent voters in my key priority areas with commitment to deliver sustainable progress and achieve real results with benefits for everyone in our community. I have no doubt the Guernsey Partnership will help make this possible.