28 August: Writing my Manifesto

This week I have been focussed on writing the words for my manifesto. As someone who finds it much easier to talk to people and connect with chats, conversations and human situations, it has taken a lot of thought and energy to find the right words to explain what I think and why I want to represent the views and opinions I have about the future of Guernsey.

I hope when you read about my “Key Priorities” and my approach to understanding what is important, it will be easy for you to see that, at heart, my intentions are to try to do the very best I can by the people who live and work in Guernsey.

Sharing ideas and working as a team so that everyone is involved and can feel part of the solution is a big thing to me. I believe this approach can deliver good results for the Island and I want everyone to make a contribution to the solutions that I will stand-up for. Like this we will all be part of what the future looks like. We will all be able to feel part of making Guernsey better for ourselves and a more positive future.

The manifesto will be ready soon and I hope you will read it and get in touch with me to let me know your thoughts and ideas.