13 September: Guernsey has a lot to offer business and leisure travellers alike

In future we need to ensure that our connectivity has enough to offer the islands’ residents in terms of the frequency, price and destinations of air and sea links.

To begin with, during the recovery from the effects of Covid-19, we will need to focus on effective, reliable lifeline links. Working closely with the various transport companies, we will need to understand the main challenges they will be facing and come up with suitable initiatives that will support their industry and meet the expectations of different parts of our community.

A great deal of work had already been done leading up to 2019. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, the States had been making informed progress at a strategic level. There had been good passenger use of the increased variety of routes available. Benefits were also reported as a result in the Guernsey hospitality sector and the wider economy.

Many of those routes will have had to stop this year to make sure that the risk of Covid-19 cases in Guernsey could be safely managed.

As part of the ‘Revive and Thrive’ plan in the coming months and years I will be looking for the most effective services, reliability and value from our lifeline transport links.

A keen eye will also be needed to ensure that our environment is properly considered. The environmental impact of air and sea transport in Guernsey must be fully and cost-effectively assessed. Any recognised issues will then need to be carefully managed using and sharing clear information with our community. I would also like to see a larger number of Guernsey transport services and businesses supporting and promoting carbon off-setting initiatives. Suitable tree planting initiatives for example, with forests planted in the UK, work towards reducing the impact human beings have on the environment by reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and decreasing our carbon footprint. With the right approach, Guernsey could even become completely carbon neutral in the future.

I would be pleased to hear from you if you have ideas or suggestions. Also, please get in touch if you would like to tell me what was and was not working well for your business, lifestyle or medical use of Guernsey and Alderney air and sea links before Covid-19.